A New Start/The Fixx

So I started a blog this summer, but it was a little too technical for me (I was using the Headway product, and I am not that advanced), so here’s a post I managed to apply to that blog:

So today I decided to clean the litter box, mostly because Renaissance Man (my husband) mentioned that he could smell it all the way into the living room last night (this is a considerable distance). Since the litter box is housed in the laundry room, I decided a little “spring cleaning” of that room was in order, too. So now I’m sorting cheesecloth out of the laundry room closet container which holds the extra light bulbs. How did I end up here, you may ask? Because “One thing leads to another” as The Fixx love to sing. Here’s the odyssey that started with emptying the litter box and continued with cheesecloth/light bulbs.
1. Empty litter box; realize it should be hosed out.
2. Take litter box, food/water dishes, etc. outside for hosing.
3. Return to laundry room and realize light bulb needs to be replaced.
4. Remember light bulb leading to basement is burned out, too.
5. Replace basement light bulb; illuminate dog hair on stairs–blech!
6. Find portable vacuum, which needs charging.
7. Plug in vacuum and notice night-light plugged into same outlet is burned out.
8. While finding appropriate light bulb, notice light bulb crate needs to be reorganized.
9. Separate cheesecloth (HOW did this get here!!??) from extra light bulbs.
10. ??
Who knows when I’ll get back to the laundry room–it would be nice to finish ONE whole task today. No guarantees…

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