A Calling

“Do you feel like this is a calling?” my friend and fellow teacher LP asked me.

“Yes, I do, ” I said.

“Then I think you’ll do just fine,” she pronounced.

So begins the saga of Renaissance Man and I doubling our family virtually overnight.  At the local high school where I teach, two foreign exchange students had been placed in a well, less-than-desirable home situation.  Our administrators were scrambling to find an alternate placement and you guessed it, we are it: two 40-somethings married for 20 years who have never had children except for the furry, four-legged kind.  The kind you can put in a basement kennel when they drive you nuts.  Somehow, I think these two lovely young ladies, whom I’ll call Canada and Russia for their home countries, might not respond well to that.

Confession time: part of me is petrified at being a mother.  But a larger part is thrilled and got teary-eyed just viewing the extra lights on in their bedrooms while hauling in the garbage cans tonight.  Yes, I know we’re in the honeymoon stage, but I’m excited. It’s fun to listen to Canada recount her day while sitting at our kitchen counter. It made me feel good to help Russia remove the earrings that she’s worn for two years straight so that she can go to volleyball practice tomorrow.

It’ll be an adventure.  I’ll keep you posted.  And thanks, CC, for encouraging me to chronicle this.

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