99 Bottles of Bodywash on the Wall…

So how many different fragrances of bodywash are there in WalMart?  I don’t know, but I believe Russia smelled them all at least twice today.  This behavior seemed obsessive to me, but then I realized all the college girls around us were doing exactly the same thing. Thank goodness for Nivea’s orange blossom and bamboo.

I believe we also came home with about 8 bottles of 99 cent nail polish.  Canada tried to put some magenta glitter polish on me tonight, but we got one nail done and both agreed that I was too old for that.  I went and got some of my more staid polish and she finished the job.

Good news on the interpersonal front:  the girls are thick-as-thieves.  I was getting a little concerned because yesterday morning was downright Arctic when the girls got up.  They ARE very different people.  However, by late afternoon, they were together on Canada’s bed with both laptops giggling at their new U.S. friends’ Facebook photos.  By the time we drove out to the rodeo, I was chauffeuring the prima donnas in the back seat.

By the way, I believe they have video of the ENTIRE rodeo, if you missed it.  Of course the video will stop every time a calf is roped–Russia found that to be quite abusive.



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