Chocolate Cake

One of my co-workers asked today if our grocery budget had doubled or more due to Canada and Russia’s presence.  It has–mostly because the girls love fresh fruit and vegetables.  So while checking out at the grocery store causes me to gulp occasionally, overall I feel like we’re all healthier for the added expense.

However, no one prepared me for the chocolate.  They like a little something sweet after every meal–thankfully, a Chips Ahoy will do.  Occasionally, though, nothing will satisfy like a big piece of chocolate cake.  After perusing the menu at IHOP last weekend, Russia ordered a stack of blueberry pancakes and a piece of chocolate cake…for BREAKFAST.  She proceeded to eat half the pancakes and all of the cake, along with her standard hot tea, without drifting into a sugar coma.

At lunch at a nice restaurant along the Missouri River later in the weekend, both girls saved room for dessert.  While Russia was happy with a piece of banana cheesecake, Canada ordered the Mile High Chocolate Cake.  When Renaissance Man explained this was 2 and 1/2 POUNDS of cake, she merely nodded and smiled.  When he mentioned this was 1 KILOGRAM of cake, her eyes nearly popped out of her head.  We quickly asked for 3 spoons and polished it off with a group effort.

I guess there are worse ways to bond.

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