Recent Quotations

So sometimes I don’t have time for a post, but I thought I’d add some awesome things I’ve heard people say recently.

“You are a geek!” said in a French accent by Canada yesterday to me in English class.  I found out later she was put up to it by Blondecat, our art teacher at school after Russia told Blondecat I called her a weirdo (see next comment).

“Go to bed, Weirdo!” typed by me to Russia the night before when we were communicating via Facebook chat while IN THE SAME HOUSE.  Peals of laughter in her upstairs bedroom answered me, so I followed that comment with “I can hear you laughing!”  Cue more laughter.


“Do you girls want to go work on the junior class homecoming float tonight?” I asked them Wednesday.

“Yes!” exclaimed Russia.

“No!” exclaimed Canada, which seemed odd to me.  “I will not do exam!” So somehow float equated to taking a test after hours.  Fortunately, we quickly cleared up the miscommunication and she decorated the float that night and brought a nice friend home for a while afterward.


“What do you call it when something cannot be bought by money?” Russia asked me today as we were leaving the homecoming parade where both girls rode the junior class float, which won the class decorating competition (I was a judge, but I assure you that they would’ve won even without my vote). 🙂

“Priceless,” I said.

“That’s what today is,” she said.

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