Talking Zombies

I zipped into town today for a pastry…one of my favorite things about summer is the flexibility to do such a thing in the middle of the morning.  However, since I had waited until the prime bakery hour of 9 o’clock, I had to do a turn around in the local grocery store parking lot in order to find a parking spot.

While doing this, I noticed one of my just-graduated seniors leaving the bank.  When he saw me in the parking lot, he stopped to let me know that his hypothesis concerning the reality of zombies had just been proved via the case of the cannibalistic guy in Miami reported recently. This student spent the school year trying to convince me of zombies’ existence and was quite excited to tell me about the story he’d seen on CNN.

I’m not sure where this fits in my attempts to get kids excited about persuasive topics, but if a student is still stopping me, his English teacher, on the street during summer break to continue his arguments, I claim that as continuous learning, and I’d like to think I had a little something to do with it.

Oh, and despite discussing the grisly attack in Miami, my chocolate-glazed doughnut went down just fine.

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