Kids Say the Darnedest Things…

As a high school teacher, I am often amused or surprised by the things my students say.  Below is an ongoing list:

1. “My Christmas lights keep turning on,” said by a student pulling a string of candy cane lights from her backpack while leaving class.

2. “Mrs. Murphy, do you have any raisins?”


“Then how about a date?” asked as a senior student was brainstorming ideas for his blog, which will now include “great” pickup lines.

3.  “The Chinese really DO eat dogs!” one of my senior students blurted after he read a newspaper article detailing the rescue of hundreds of dogs bound for slaughter in Beijing.  The statement was less of a shock to his fellow students than the fact that he was present, awake, and authentically engaged in learning.


One Response to Kids Say the Darnedest Things…

  1. MM8 says:

    Those are hilarious! You should continue this list!!

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